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ALPS Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray - 4 oz Bottle
ALPS Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray - 4oz Bottle
Our Price: $9.50

The ALPS Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray is the first of its kind to be truly engineering for prosthesis users, to help them stay dry, cool, and comfortable with its uniquely designed formula.
ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant Spray - 16 oz Bottle
ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant - 16oz Bottle
Our Price: $9.50

The ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant consists of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to help you easily put on your prosthetic silicone liner/sheath and eliminate its sticky feel on your skin.
ALPS Antioxidant Cream
ALPS Antioxidant Cream, 50 mL Jar
Our Price: $9.50

The ALPS Antioxidant Cream protects irritated skin and aids in reducing friction, and soothes pain and itch.
ALPS Prosthetic Gentle Cleanser - 16 oz Bottle
ALPS Prosthetic Cleanser - 16oz Bottle
Our Price: $23.50

The ALPS Prosthetic Cleanser is a non-alkaline, soap-free cleansing agent that helps remove sweat and dirt from prosthetic liners and sleeves, with a unique formula that effectively restores them to their original state, whether hand or machine washed.  It's also good for washing sensitive skin that has come in contact with prosthetics.
ALPS Prosthetic Skin Reliever Gel Sheath (ENCP)
ALPS Skin Reliever Sheath ENCP
Our Price: $39.00

The ALPS Skin Reliever has a high elasticity that eliminates shear forces & friction, preventing skin abrasions with both superior comfort and durability combined, as well as giving it many other great features.
Silipos Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On
Silipos Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On
Our Price: $45.00

The Silipos Mineral Oil Gel Roll-On is designed to enhance socket liner fit. Apply the Gel Roll-On to the distal end of the limb for added comfort, protection, cushioning, and much more.
Pro Proth Donning Aid (Easy Proth)
Pro-Proth Donning Aid (Zip Whiz)
Our Price: $46.00

The easiest application aid for prosthetics. Low friction material makes application of a prosthesis easy with out strain or discomfort.
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