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Circaid Compression Garments

CircAid is creating solutions that help patients heal while allowing them to maintain an independent lifestyle.

CircAid garments are engineered with the ability to be set to multiple compression levels. The Built-In Pressure System (BPS) is what makes this possible. When a patient utilizes their BPS card, they can set their prescribed compression level each time they don their garment.

All Juxta-Fit products now feature the Built-in Pressure System, allowing you to instantly adjust the compression level to your prescribed range or the level that is most firm and comfortable. In addition, Juxta-Fit is designed so the inelastic compression does not lose integrity over the life of the garment. Studies confirm that consistent inelastic compression is key to reducing edema. The patented BPS technology is just one of the many ways that CircAid continues to make compression easier and more effective for your patients.

Juxta-Fit leg systems provide support for a wide range of compression levels (20-30, 30-40, 40-50 or 50+ mmHg) with a single BPS Guide Card, including the higher 50+ mmHg level required for some cases of severe Lymphedema.

CircAid Medical Products is dedicated to providing medical devices and services to patients that will enable them, despite their circulatory conditions, to live active, healthy, happy and independent lives. This mission is echoed from the manufacturing floor all the way around the world to distributors and sales representatives.

Its amazing how well people respond to these products. They are so simple and eliminate the obstacles that frustrate the consumers (getting them on) and the medical professionals (compliance). Ive seen so many dramatic examples of healing and size reduction, its hard not to get excited about CircAid, says Melissa Coombs, a CircAid sales representative in New England, USA.

A lot of times products are made without much thought beyond what might get the job done for as little cost as possible. We believe its important to push the design process further and really assess what is best for the patient. We try to find the simplest design that is both user friendly and comfortable while still fulfilling the basic patient needs, remarks Tom Richardson, a CircAid Design Engineer.