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DonJoy Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer
DonJoy Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer
Our Price: $6.99

High quality, durable poly cotton sling with contact closure adjustment on shoulder and body straps. Fits right or left arm and helps prevent shoulder rotation. Shoulder pad provides additional comfort.
Donjoy Deluxe Arm Sling with Pad
Donjoy Deluxe Arm Sling with Pad
Our Price: $7.78

Generous size envelope to support the arm.
Quick-Fit Shoulder Immobilizer
Aircast Quick-Fit Shoulder Immobilizer
Our Price: $49.99

Indication: Provides Support for Post-operative rotator cuff repairs, Postoperative Bankart procedures, Capsular shifts, Glenohumeral, dislocation/subluxation, Soft tissue strains/repairs.
Donjoy Dura*Soft™ Shoulder Wrap
Donjoy Dura*Soft Shoulder Wrap
Our Price: $59.99

The Dura*Soft products are malleable to form fit the lumbar region and can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain.
DonJoy® Shoulder Stabilizer SPA
DonJoy Shoulder Stabilizer SPA
Our Price: $99.99

The Shoulder Stabilizer SPA was designed for use by those with glenohumeral instabilities in contact sports where shoulder pads are worn.

DonJoy UltraSling III Arm Sling
DonJoy UltraSling III Arm Sling
Our Price: $99.99

DonJoy UltraSling III provides immobilization for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, and Bankhart repairs.

DonJoy UltraSling II ER Shoulder Sling |
DonJoy UltraSling II ER
Our Price: $124.99

The UltraSlingR II ER maintains the shoulder and arm in an externally rotated position and provides immobilization for rotator cuff repairs, capsular shifts, Bankhart repairs, glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation and soft tissue strains/repairs.

DonJoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace
DonJoy Quadrant Shoulder Brace
Our Price: $584.99

The Quadrant Shoulder Brace is designed for immobilization of rotator cuff repairs, Bankhart procedures, post-manipulation, and shoulder fusions.

Donjoy Arm Brace | Donjoy Shoulder Immobilizer

Having an arm or shoulder injury can bring a lot of discomfort and frustration. When dealing with this, the last thing you need is to stress over which arm sling or shoulder brace to buy. Donjoy is the best shoulder brace in the market, providing comfort and assistance all in one.

Our selection of Donjoy arm slings and Donjoy shoulder braces carries products that are ultra-comfortable, easy to use and made from state of the art technology. Their medical products are specifically designed to give you the immobilization and controlled range of motion that you need while providing you with comfort. In our selection, you will find a variety of arm slings, shoulder immobilizers, shoulder wraps, shoulder braces and more.

See for yourself why the top hospitals and professional athletes choose and recommend Donjoy arm slings and shoulder braces! If you need certain adjustments or special requests, please contact us 800-662-7633 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our latest shipping information and other promotional events.