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Ossur OASys® Carticare Knee Brace
Ossur OASys® Carticare Knee Brace
Our Price: $770.00

Hinges are molded into the brace to maintain a low profile.
Breg FUSION Women's with AirTech Innovation OTS
Breg FUSION Women's Knee brace with AirTech Innovation OTS
Our Price: $530.99

FUSION gives women the precise fit, unmatched comfort and unhindered mobility needed for unlimited performance.
Ossur Paradigm® OTS knee brace
Ossur Paradigm® OTS Knee Brace
Our Price: $748.00

 Paradigm OTS uses a “cage” frame to provide total ligament support via multiple points of leverage.
Bledsoe Z-12 OA
Bledsoe Z 12 OA Adjustable knee brace
Our Price: $540.00

The Bledsoe Z-12 OA knee brace combines ligament protection with knee osteoarthritis correction.
Breg PTO
Breg PTO Knee brace
Our Price: $154.99

The PTO is one of the most effective braces for reducing patellofemoral pain resulting from maltracking or patellar instability.
The Rapid Knee Brace
The Rapid Knee Brace
Our Price: $235.00

The Rapid Knee utilizes an adjustable ROM hinge and an open wrap configuration to provide convenience and comfort to the user.
USA M4S Functional Knee provide optimal stabilization due to multi-point fixation joint mobility, limits anterior and posterior tibial glide with collateral ligament stabilization of knee joint.Recommended for patients with isolated ACL rupture.
MEDI USA M4S Functional ACL MCL Knee Brace
Our Price: $413.95

MEDI USA M4S Functional Knee Brace is a Functional rigid brace with physioglide hinge and flexion/extension control. M4S Functional is ultra light and Water-repellent padding material makes it possible to wear the brace even while showering.
Breg Fusion OA knee
Breg FUSION Men's OA OTS Knee Brace
Our Price: $530.99

 With its sleek, lightweight design, FUSION OA provides optimal medial compartment off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.
TruLife Lenox Hill Precision Pro Knee Brace
TruLife Lenox Hill Precision Pro Knee Brace
Our Price: $315.00

The TruLife Lenox Hill Precision Pro Knee Brace utilizes a moldable aluminium shell that allows for custom adjustments.
Breg FUSION Women's OA OTS Knee Brace
Breg FUSION Women's OA OTS Knee brace
Our Price: $519.99

 A sleek, lighweight frame that fits discreetly under clothing.

Find L1845 Knee Braces

If your doctor or insurer has recommended that you acquire an L1845 knee brace, you can find exactly what you are looking for here. L1845 knee braces are specially designed orthoses which meet certain criteria for use. They are, first of all, rigid or semi-rigid and used for supporting a weak knee or restricting motion of the joint. They must also meet a certain set of criteria, including having • Solid double upright support (inner and outer) • Condylar pads • An adjustable joint • Control in both the medial-lateral and rotational directions using a combination of solid metal or similar materials and condylar padding

Each of the braces found here meets the criteria for classification as an L1845 brace. Included in this set are the Breg Fusion knee brace series. This series includes knee braces for women as well as men. Ossur OTS knee braces also meet the L1845 standard, as do certain Bledsoe, DonJoy, and Medi USA braces.

Buy L1845 braces from MMAR Medical to get the highest quality products and service at the lowest prices.