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MCL Sprain

An MCL sprain is an injury sustained by the medial collateral ligament (MCL). This ligament is one of the four main ligaments that stabilize the knee joint. It is attached to the bottom of the femur (thighbone), runs down the inside of the knee, over the joint, and attaches at its other end to the top of the tibia (shinbone). Its role is to limit mobility of the knee joint and prevent it from opening up too far when subjected to pressure at the outside of the knee. The MCL is made of tough fibrous connective tissue that, when injured, can be torn, either partially or completely. This is known as an MCL sprain. Although it can be injured in isolation, often the meniscus and ACL are damaged at the same time.  

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Ottobock Economy Hinged Knee Brace
Ottobock Economy Hinged Knee Brace
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Ottobock's most economical hinged knee option, the Economy Hinged Knee Brace provides mild knee support. Their classic pull-on design allows for best fit and ease of placement and our wraparound design eases application without removing shoes.
LEEDer Pro Knee Orthosis
LEEDer Pro Knee Orthosis
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The LEEDer Pro Knee Orthosis is a hinged dynamic or static brace that controls range of motion.
Deroyal Warrior® Knee Brace
Deroyal Warrior Knee Brace
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The Deroyal Warrior Knee has a Genucentric hinge design that tracks the knees instantaneous center of motion throughout range of motion.
The DonJoy Playmaker knee brace
Donjoy Playmaker Knee brace
Our Price: $179.99

The Playmaker is Donjoy's premier soft good knee ligament brace.
Ottobock Genu Arexa Knee Brace
Ottobock Genu Arexa Knee Brace
Our Price: $450.00

The Genu Arexa is a lightweight brace that uses flexible upper and lower cuffs to achieve a comfortable customized fit. It is ideal for patients with smaller calf to thigh ratios, and reduces the need for semi-custom products.