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Thermazone Continuous Thermal Therapy Device | Heat & Cold Therapy Unit | Thermazone

MMAR Medical proudly carries the ThermaZone heat and cold therapy unit which is a powerful and practical pain relieving device that uses thermoelectric technology to provide heating and cooling therapy where and when you need it, without the use of ice. The ThermaZone cold therapy unit satisfies a clear unmet clinical need safe, effective, and targeted localized treatment with temperature management and consistency.

Traditional cold therapy units, ice-water circulating devices as well as ice and gel heat packs do not maintain consistent temperatures over time. These therapies can start off too cold or too hot, causing injury or discomfort and will quickly lose their therapeutic effectiveness as they adjust to room temperature.

    Disadvantages of Ice and Gel Packs:

  • Condensation and dripping
  • No temperature control
  • Risk of tissue damage
  • Toxic content, risk of wound poisoning
  • Rapid loss of temperature
  • Can have dangerous hot spots
    Compelling ThermaZone Features:

  • Heat or cool therapy in one contrast-therapy capable device
  • Rapid achievement of temperature levels
  • 20 comfort level settings
  • Operates at a constant temperature for up to 500 continuous hours
  • 3 minutes to set up, requires only 2 oz. of distilled water
  • Runs without the use of ice

ThermaZone devices pads feature Motion Advantage technology, leveraging precise fluid movement, delivering uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the relief pad for the maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

ThermaZone has 20 temperature comfort levels for cold and heat therapy allowing professionals to prescribe specific treatment duration, intervals and temperature levels for maximum healing benefit.