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Tricep Tendonitis

Tricep tendonitis is a term used to describe inflammation, damage or rupture of the triceps tendon. The triceps muscle runs down the back of the upper arm and is responsible for straightening the elbow. At its proximal (upper) end it is attached to the shoulder blade and humerus (the bone in the upper arm) and at its distal (lower) end it inserts into the ulna (one of the two forearm bones) by means of the triceps tendon. Like all tendons, the triceps tendon is a very strong, dense sheath formed by strands of connective tissue. When the triceps muscle is contracted, the tendon pulls on the ulna and causes the arm to straighten.

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Bio Skin® Standard Elbow Skin™
Bio Skin® Standard Elbow Skin™
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Constructed from Bio Skin’s® patented thin, breathable, Ultima™ material, the Standard Elbow Skin™ is keeps you cool and dry while providing outstanding compression for pain management.
LEEDer Pro Elbow Orthosis
LEEDer Pro Elbow Orthosis
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If you need a soft, comfortable, easy to apply treatment option for non-fixed contractures for elbow splints, the The LEEDer Pro Elbow Orthosis is an ideal choice for you.
BMI Elbow Orthosis FlexEze®
BMI-ECO FlexEze®
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With multiple options for desired treatment, the BMI Elbow Orthosis FlexEze® can treat and correct elbow flexion contractures to your specifications.

BMI FlexEze® Contracture Elbow Splint
BMI FlexEze® Contracture Elbow Splint
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The BMI FlexEze® Contracture Elbow Splint offers a unique patent pending design which allows for application from the lateral side of the patient's elbow.