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Whiplash is a common injury to the soft tissues of the neck. Its name describes the motion that typically produces the painful symptoms associated with this injury. The neck is suddenly forced backwards and then forwards, stretching the muscles and ligaments of the neck beyond their normal range.

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Ottobock Necky Anatomic Collar
Ottobock Necky Anatomic Collar
Our Price: $24.00

The Ottobock Necky Atomic is a medium density foam collar that is ideal for mild support of the cervical region. Universally sized.

Ottobock Value Collar Splint
Ottobock Value Collar Splint
Our Price: $28.00

The Ottobock Value Colar offers a classic molded two piece foam design for immobilization of the cervical region. It provides light support for acute and chronic conditions, or for short-term healing needs.

Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad
Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad
Our Price: $40.00

The Thermotech moist heating pad provides an inexpensive, safe and effective option to treat many forms of pain. This heating pad will bring comfort and relaxation to your aches.