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Aspen® Cervical Collars
Aspen® Cervical Collars
Our Price: $69.99

Aspen® Cervical Collars were designed to optimize support and comfort, two key components for better patient outcomes.
Cybertech Minerva Orthosis
Cybertech Minerva Orthosis
Our Price: $265.00

The Cybertech Minerva Orthosis incorporates the best design features of past proven systems with today’s materials for a functional comprehensive ALL adjustable non-invasive cervical thoracic immobilization system.

Sierra Universal Collar
Aspen Sierra Universal Cervical Collar
Our Price: $50.00

With just a single size, the Aspen® Sierra Universal Collar fits the vast majority of patients.
Vista® Collar-Replacement pad
Aspen Vista® Collar-Replacement pad only
Our Price: $32.50

Vista® Collar-Replacement pad only
Ossur Universal Cervical Collar
Ossur Universal Cervical Collar
Our Price: $28.60

Medium density foam. Contact closure for easy fit.
RMI Restorative™ Kentucky Kollar cervical brace
RMI Restorative™ Kentucky Collar Cervical Brace
Our Price: $122.00

The Restorative™ Kentucky Kollar is the most effective device to correct Torticollis.
RMI NeuroFlex® Restorative Posture Device (RPD)
RMI Restorative™ Posture Device (RPD)
Our Price: $135.00

The NeuroFlex® Restorative Posture Device (RPD) improves conduction of the Rx3E (electrodes) and promotes ideal head positioning that will allow for reeducating muscles in the submandibular region.
RMI Restorative™ Kentucky Kollar Headband
RMI Restorative™ Kentucky Collar Headband
Our Price: $26.50

The RMI Restorative™ Kentucky Kollar Headband provides additional support for the Kentucky Kollar.
OCSI DynaPro™ Torticollis Orthosis
OCSI DynaPro™ Torticollis Orthosis
Our Price: $108.00

The OCSI DynaPro™ Torticollis Orthosis is an effective device to correct Torticollis.  The brace allows patients to work through neurological tone, reach muscle inhibition, and achieve permanent re-lengthening.
Ottobock Value Collar Splint
Ottobock Value Collar Splint
Our Price: $21.50

The Ottobock Value Colar offers a classic molded two piece foam design for immobilization of the cervical region. It provides light support for acute and chronic conditions, or for short-term healing needs.


Cervical Spine Support Braces

Cervical vertebrae can be damaged as the result of a trauma such as a fall or car accident. Athletes are especially prone to cervical spine injuries, as more than half of all catastrophic injuries in contact sports are related to the neck and upper spine. A properly adjusted neck support collar can assist with recovery from these injuries and increase comfort for the wearer. MMAR Medical is proud to offer several models of neck support products manufactured by some of the most trusted brands in the orthopedic industry.

No matter what type of injury, surgery or spinal deformity you’re treating, MMAR Medical carries orthopedic neck braces in several styles designed specifically for your needs. We want to make sure your new brace is both comfortable and fully functional, so we’re here to help with any questions you might have about your purchase. Start your recovery today!