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Medical Compression Stockings

If you suffer from leg swelling or your legs are just aching and painful, medical compression stockings can help. We carry a complete line of Mediven compression hosiery in a wide range of compression levels to suit your specific needs. Leg compression garments are also used to relieve swelling of the ankles, thighs (thigh sleeve) and calves (calf compression sleeve), and to aid in dealing with varicose veins, venous ulcers, venous insufficiency, deep-vein thrombosis and lymphedema. Using the most innovative manufacturing techniques and materials, Mediven guarantees a compression stocking capable of providing all-day comfort and support with a discreet, semi-sheer appearance. Compression socks come in several colors for both dress and casual wear.

Medi Compression products are the undisputed industry leaders, manufactured by a 50+ year-old global leader in medical devices, operating in more than 125 countries, and in excess of 300 patents and product brands. MMAR is proud to offer only the highest quality products in the marketplace and Medi represents the very best in medical compression products, compression sportswear, prosthetic and orthopedic devices.