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Elevate Foot Drop Brace
Elevate Foot Drop Brace
Our Price: $114.00

The innovative BOA technology allows for customization of the lift angle and for quick release of tension as desired by the user throughout their day.
Ossur Shoeless Wrap Foot-Up™ ACCESSORY ONLY
Ossur Shoeless Wrap Foot-Up ACCESSORY ONLY
Our Price: $38.00

This is the Ossur Shoeless Wrap Foot-Up ACCESSORY ONLY
Ossur Foot-Up™ AFO Drop Foot Orthosis Ankle Brace
Ossur Foot-Up AFO Drop Foot Orthosis Ankle Brace
Our Price: $71.50

The Ossur Foot-up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints.
Ossur Dynamic Carbon Fiber AFO
Ossur Dynamic Carbon Fiber AFO
Our Price: $658.90

Ossur AFO Dynamic provides a strong, lightweight solution for patients with drop foot secondary to a variety of neurological conditions.
RCAI Leaf Spring AFO
RCAI Leaf Spring Ankle Foot Orthosis
Our Price: $68.00

Designed to provide functional alignment and support for drop foot during rehabilitative therapy.

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.

The Original AFO Assist
The Original AFO Assist daily living device
Our Price: $89.00

The Original AFO Assist Promotes Independence!!

Product price is not filled in. This product cannot be purchased.


Ankle Foot Orthotics for Foot Drop Support

An AFO, or ankle foot orthosis, is designed to help mitigate the symptoms of foot drop. Foot drop is characterized by a gait abnormality that prevents the patient from raising the toes or raising the foot from the ankle. It is usually due to a more pervasive muscular or nerve problem such as ALS, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis or others. A brace for foot drop support helps the patient by providing proper alignment of the ankle and foot, making a normal gait more possible and increasing comfort.

Our selection of plastic and carbon fiber AFO braces is available at wholesale prices to make independent living and rehabilitative therapy more accessible to all who need them. Choose from several drop foot braces to find the style that works best for you or your patient, whether its a brace that attaches to the leg or one that allows for easy adjustment of the tension angle.