The Original AFO Assist daily living device

Home View cart The idea of creating The Original AFO Assist all began when a hemiplegic stroke patient challenged his occupational therapist to design a product that would allow him to independently donn his ankle foot orthosis (AFO).  Stroke patients as well as patients who present with impaired motor skills, trunk flexibility concerns, or a variety of other medical conditions often have difficulty holding an AFO in an upright and stable position while attempting to place their foot into it...especially if they only have the use of one hand.  Frustration mounts and patients lose hope of being independent in lower body dressing tasks.

The Original AFO Assist is designed in such a way to support any size AFO, and its articulating design allows the AFO cradle to be placed in either an upright, flat or angled position allowing the patient to donn the AFO in either a long-sitting or short-sitting position.  An added feature of this product is the shoe platform accessory which facilitates shoe donning since this, too, is often a problematic task.