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3 Point Products Store

MMAR Medical proudly distributes 3-Point Products line. Comfortable supports and splints from 3-Point Products really can help relieve pain and improve function whether you have Thumb Arthritis, Scars, Plantar Fasciitis or a simple Trigger Finger.

Designing splints is as much an art, as it is a science; and at 3-Point Products, a lot of both goes into each of their splints. The science includes 30+ years of clinical experience and the advice and feedback of our customers. The art comes from their experience in materials and manufacturing and the desire to make splints they would be proud to wear. The result is products that promote function and enhance compliance for successful treatment outcomes.

From soft fabric splints to molded splints, 3-Point splints offer a choice of support levels for just the right degree of control.

3pp Support Levels:
  • Light/Light: Light control splints support through compression and contoured designs. Ideal for daytime wear and for sports and active leisure activities. Add stays or pads for Light support.
  • Moderate/Moderate: Moderate control splints offer greater support with more resistant materials to protect while
  • still allowing function. Add stays or pads for Moderate support.
  • Firm/Firm: When rest is required to quiet pain from injury, overuse or arthritis, choose splints designed to immobilize to allow joints and tissues to heal. Choose longer styles for Firm support.