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Wrist, Hand & Finger Orthotic Devices

Whether you were recently injured or have been suffering for a long time, having limited range of motion in your wrist, hand or fingers is not a simple problem. We use our hands to do just about everything from simple everyday tasks to more complex activities. Regardless of exactly what ails these critical appendages, the solution doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here at MMAR Medical, we want to help you bring the power back into your hands. Our selection of WHFO splints offers you some of the best equipment to help with conditions like flaccid hand, wrist drop and other arthritic abnormalities. Our state-of-the-art wrist and hand orthosis devices are engineered to correct problems like radial and ulnar deviation while also maintaining skin integrity and increased hygiene. With their ability to allow air circulation and moisture absorption, our resting hand splints ensure that you won’t have to compromise comfort for control. Find your perfect fit from our selection today!