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Basketball Braces

Whether youíre up for a day of vigorous training or facing your most daunting competition, you want to make sure youíre protected when you head out to the court. Researchers have found that players who sustain injuries are five times more likely to suffer the same injury again, but preventive measures reduce the chance of injuries by 82%. Thatís why the scientists behind protective equipment and braces for basketball have created ergonomically designed products to keep you performing at your best.

At MMAR Medical Group, we take great pride in supplying you with the best protective equipment thatís proven to be reliable and effective. From braces for basketball that protect your joints in case of unfortunate twists, to compression socks comfort insoles, and protective padding, weíve truly got you covered so you can head to the court with peace of mind.

We supply products that are designed with high performance athletes in mind. All of the products we carry are durably constructed to hold up through constant use, and have been proven to enhance performance, whether youíre practicing or competing. If youíre recovering from an injury and donít want to further stress your body, or just want to stay protected, we carry a range of products to meet your individual needs that provide comfortable, reliable support without inhibiting mobility. Our customer service team is readily available to assist you and answer any question you may have on our products.