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Birkenstock Orthotic Inserts

Without the right support, even something as simple as walking down the street can cause long-term pain and possibly injury. Our selection of Birkenstock footbed insoles are anatomically engineered to mimic the natural position of your foot to give you maximum support. This unique design not only decreases the likelihood of common injuries such as twisted ankles and plantar fasciitis but also provides an overall more stable positioning of your foot when walking and running. With our Birkenstock insoles, you can easily turn any casual shoe into one that provides ultimate comfort while you enjoy your everyday activities.

In order to meet your unique and personal needs, we offer a variety of styles, including Birkenstock cork insoles and half-length insoles. This makes it easy to turn your favorite shoe into a premium Birkenstock shoe. And with our selection of insoles here at MMAR Medical, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.