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Breg OA Knee Braces

The intricate engineering of the human knee that allows us to perform everyday activities such as standing, walking, running, jumping, etc. can become more difficult and painful by the wear-and-tear associated with an arthritic joint. A high quality Breg OA knee brace can provide a huge degree of relief and bring back an ease of movement previously lost to the knee.

The knee joint is comprised of three compartments: the inner (or medial), the outer (or lateral) and the kneecap itself. The friction caused by movement is usually absorbed by fluids, ligaments and cartilage but, as these become compromised, knee-problem sufferers often experience pain, weakness, and difficulty bending or straightening the knee. OA knee braces such as the Breg Fusion, Freestyle or Solus knee braces are the choice for sufferers of osteoarthritis specific to either the medial or lateral compartments or both. They're sleek, lightweight, contoured, softly padded and will provide continuous, ongoing support plus all-day comfort. Question on finding the right Breg osteoarthritis knee brace? Contact our team today!