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AFO Braces

AFO carbon braces were developed several years ago and have quickly become a popular ankle and foot brace among medical professionals and patients alike.

What is a Carbon Fiber AFO Brace?

AFO stands for ankle-foot orthoses. An AFO carbon fiber brace, or carbon fiber AFO brace, is the latest medical breakthrough for managing foot drop. Foot drop is a condition in which a person has difficulty lifting their ankle and toes while walking, stepping forward and running.

A carbon fiber AFO brace has a flat foot plate and a customizable foot orthosis that is placed over it. Itís this customization that makes cabon fiber AFO braces ideal for so many different patients.

AFO Carbon Fiber Brace Advancements

Carbon fiber AFOs are rapidly replacing the plastic posterior supports that had previously been used. One of the biggest advantages that carbon fiber AFO braces have over traditional plastic posterior supports is that the carbon fiber device provides an energy return. Because of this energy return carbon fiber AFO braces have been shown to strengthen the calf muscle and allow for muscle tissue regeneration.

Another key difference between the two devices is how they align the foot and leg. The plastic posterior supports created a static alignment that locked the leg into a 90-degree angle. With carbon fiber AFOs the range of the hip and knee is increased, which leads to a more normal gait.

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