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CircAid Compression Stockings

Patients suffering the symptoms of lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, post-thrombotic syndrome or varicose veins have tried many treatments to achieve relief from these painful problems without success. CircAid compression stockings and garments have been designed by an engineer/inventor whose wife suffered from severe lymphedema, and are an ideal solution and a great alternative to common compression stockings for lymphedema. They provide dynamic compression that increases when the wearer is active and decreases when he or she is at rest. CircAid compression garments like the Juxta-Fit, Juxta-Lite, and CircAid Juxta-CURES compression wraps feature a Built-In Pressure System (BPS) that utilizes a special BPS card for measuring and then adjusting the amount of compression-pressure being exerted.

CircAid stockings and wraps are inelastic, designed after the skin found on the lower extremities of the giraffe. These animals, although often on their feet for as many as 24-hours a day and experience venous pressures three times that experienced by humans, do not suffer from lymphedema or venous disorders common to us. The reason is because the skin of their lower extremities is inelastic. Juxta leggings are designed with similar inelasticity for your comfort, allowing you to live a happy, healthy life.