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Contracture Management Products

MMAR Medical offers the widest and most extensive selection of contracture management products in the country. We are proud to only distribute the highest quality products made by the most reputable contracture management manufacturers. The contracture management product lines we carry are designed to prevent and treat contractures of the hand, wrist, fingers, elbow, hips, knees, foot and ankle. Most of our products don't require any tools to modify or customize, they're lightweight, soft and comfortable, and designed in manner which is effective, but also simple to use. Contractures are the chronic loss of joint motion due to structural changes in non-bony tissue. These non-bony tissues include muscles, ligaments, and tendons. There are a number of pathologies and diseases that can lead to joint contractures. The primary causes resulting in a joint contraction are stroke, muscle imbalance,prolonged bed rest, and immobilization. Please browse through MMAR Medical's extensive contracture management product selection below to find the product best for your patient.