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DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with Standard Hinge

DonJoy Armor Knee Brace
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DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with Standard Hinge

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The Armor Knee Brace is considered to be DonJoy’s strongest and most supportive off-the-shelf brace. It was designed specifically for highly active athletes or individuals who wish to prevent knee ligament injury or who suffer from ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, or CI (combined ACL/PCL) injuries or instabilities. It is a great choice of brace after knee ligament reconstructive surgery, and will prevent hyperextension of the knee.

Most linemen in the top 25 NCAA College football teams wear custom DonJoy knee braces to prevent injury. If you can’t afford a custom brace, the Armor is an excellent alternative as it provides about the same level of protection for your knee ligaments.

Users of the brace are able to feel confident that their knees are safe while they play football, ski, snowboard, motocross, surf, wakeboard, and participate in other highly active, high impact sports.

This brace comes with a standard hinge. The brace is also available with a FourcePoint hinge, the difference between them being that the FourcePoint Hinge provides more specific support for the ACL.

The brace is designed with a patented four-point leverage system that has been clinically proven to increase stability in the knee ligaments, particularly the ACL, during both weight bearing and non-weight bearing activity. It works by strategically placing cuffs and straps in four positions on the front and back of the thigh and calf. These direct stress on the knee backwards onto the tibia, effectively reducing strain on the knee.

The medial (inner) thigh area of the brace is designed in a curve to avoid the thigh getting pinched. As the aluminum is malleable, the brace can be bent in or out for a better fit. The strap tabs swivel, also allowing for a better fit and suspension of the brace. It comes with supra condyle pads that keep the brace in position, no matter the level of activity. Additional, thinner condyle pads are included, which can be substituted if the brace feels a bit tight.

The Armor is made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum. Although it weighs little and has a low profile frame, it is stronger, thicker, and more stable than any other lightweight frame on the market. Its low profile makes it unobtrusive under clothes, although for extended wear (over six hours) you might be more comfortable wearing an undersleeve to prevent chafing.

As well as choosing the particular strap configuration for your injury or instability, you can also choose between standard or short calf cuff versions. There is a one-inch difference in calf cuff length between the two.

A Calf Pinch Guard and Impact Guard are available as add-ons that can be bought separately.

Care of the brace is simple. If it gets wet it should be rinsed off in freshwater and air-dried. Wash any soft parts by hand with laundry detergent, rinse, and air dry. Don’t put soft parts in the dryer. A Teflon-based dry lubricant (like a bicycle chain lubricant) is good for the hinges. 

The DonJoy Armor knee brace is the brace to use if you are an extremely active individual or athlete who suffers from an ACL, MCL, or PCL instability or injury. The Armor brace is the strongest and most supportive brace you can get without a prescription. In fact, many collegiate football teams require their linemen to wear this brace because it is so successful at preventing ACL injuries. 

If you are concerned about preventing a ligament injury, try the DonJoy Armor knee brace. It is one of the best ways to minimize your chances of suffering from these painful injuries.
This brace is ideal for athletes who play football, ski, snowboard, ride motorcross, surf, wakeboard, or participate in similar high impact sporting activities.
The DonJoy Armor knee brace is used to treat or prevent the following injuries:

  • Moderate to severe ACL or PCL instabilities
  • ACL/PCL combined instabilities (CI)
  • Recovery from ACL or PCL reconstructions
  • MCL or LCL instabilities
  • Hyperextension

Please note: The difference between the Short Calf brace length and the Standard Calf brace length size is 1".  The Short calf version is 1" shorter than below the hinge than the Standard Calf brace length.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.
  • Available in ACL, PCL, and CI Versions
    You get to choose the brace that is right for your injury, which means your knee will get the proper support where you need it most.
  • Four-Points of Leverage Dynamic System
    This patented technology was developed to reduce the strain on the ACL by distributing the load placed on the ligament via four points
  • Custom Frame and Swiveling Strap Tabs
    Get a perfect fit by molding the brace to your knee, as well as enhance the fit and suspension of the brace with the swiveling strap tabs.
  • 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Frame
    You get the benefits of a lightweight and low profile knee brace that is also stronger, thicker, and more stable than the other lightweight knee braces on the market.
  • Anti-migration Supra Condyle Pad
    Your knee brace will stay in place no matter how active you are.
  • Calf Pinch Guard
    Provides a smooth transition between boot and calf cuff so you’ll never pinch your calf again.
  • Impact Guard
    Protects the shin and knee against blunt blows, as well as prevents you from ripping pants or uniforms.


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