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Donjoy Back Braces | Donjoy Lumbar Brace | Back Support Brace

Donjoy understands that not all back problems can be fixed with one back support brace. Several Donjoy back braces offer both back support and abdominal compression. Your back and abdominal muscles work together to support your torso. It is critical to keep all of these muscles supported. Unsupported muscles may compensate for others and become strained, creating even more back problems.

If you need a back brace for posture, look for the DonJoy Clavicle Posture Support brace. Holding your upper body in perfect formation, you develop muscle memory as your posture improves. Even Donjoy lumbar brace models with cold packs help you recover from pain or surgery. The refreshing cold on your back even works on bandaged areas to keep you comfortable. For the best spinal correction rehabilitation, select Donjoy TLSO back braces. They support both the upper and lower body for rapid recovery.