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Elevate Foot Drop Brace
Elevate Foot Drop Brace
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Elevate Universal Drop Foot Brace

The “Elevate™” Drop Foot Brace is Universal in size, and was designed for those with Drop Foot to answer the need for:

  • Versatility – Elevate™ can be worn with many different types and styles of shoes, and is also great at the beach or around the house.
  • Discretion and Style – Elevate™ is discreet. When worn with long pants, it won't be seen at all.
  • Comfort – Using a thin, breathable, neoprene, Elevate™ completely avoids the bulk and discomfort of other braces on the market
  • Stability and Customizability – Elevate™, is licensed with the easy-to-use and durable “Boa” technology. This means the foot can easily be lifted to the desired level, or released altogether throughout the day.

Optional Extras- The Crop A Dile™

Now you can customize practically any shoe or sandal in your closet. The CROP A DILE™ EYELET PUNCH enables shoes without usable eyelets to be modified with ease

The Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace is unique in its versatility, comfort, and ease of use. It can be worn with the majority of shoe styles on the market – both male and female, including sandals. The innovative BOA technology allows for customization of the lift angle and for quick release of tension as desired by the user throughout their day. Elevate™ is licensed with the easy to use and durable “Boa Technologies”. This allows the patient to lift their foot to the desired level and release tension and/or readjust the height at any given time.

While developing this brace, FootMind surveyed 30 people with drop foot to best understand their primary concerns with the then available dropfoot braces. Three issues consistently topped their list of concerns.

  1. Current Braces were uncomfortable
  2. Current Braces limited footwear types and styles
  3. Current Braces were often inconvenient or poorly designed for functionality

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*Only available in Black*


"Thank you thank you Footmind, my fiancé saw this amazing Elevate Brace on your site and ordered one. I have had drop foot for several years with little support from my UK doctors. Since the brace has arrived and very fast delivery too, I have been able to walk with confidence and do the things I used to love doing. This brace is the most amazing break through in Footdrop technology I wish I had found it years ago, I honestly mean this ... This device has changed my life for the better, it's discrete and easy to use and is totally brilliant. I wish I could promote this product to anyone with Foot Drop, it really does change your life. Once again Footmind thank you thank you it's totally brilliant."-Shelley Ahmet

Just received my new footmind brace today.....very easy to apply and adjust!....made a huge differance immediately! I am a rehabilitation nurse I will be able to wear this for a full twelve hour shift no problem...created perfect step through immediately stopping steppage gait as well! I wouldnt hesitate to purchase, life changing in regards to gait and activity. -YouTube User

Freda Betts:

In 2002 I slipped and fell on concrete hitting the inside of my knee pushing the knee cap aside. The fall apparently injured my peroneal nerve as I soon noticed my foot flopping on the ground. That took me to an orthopaedic Dr. and with a scan was told I had a problem with my patella and therapy was prescribed. Over the years, not knowing for sure what was wrong I favored the leg and lost muscle mass and the knee began hyperextending and bowing out. Numerous Drs. and various ortho. braces and finally a knee replacement in 2010, I still had trouble lifting my foot, and hyperextension problems. The Foot Mind Brace is helpful in lifting my foot and helping activating the muscles of the front of my leg and foot I've worn it with athletic shoes and open toed sandals, which are the most comfortable. Wayne Mooney:I have MS with severe right foot drop. I have had the brace for five months. It's comfortable it works well…I use this brace for every day use. Anna Harmon:

I LOVE the elevate brace! It's awesome!!!! …It's been a Godsend. I had severe back issues after a very bad skiing accident and about eight years ago my spine collapsed and was severing my sciatic nerve. It was unreal and excruciating. I literally was screaming for my husband to call 911 as I was being paralyzed. A pain and nerve specialist confirmed I was losing feeling and it took over 2 hours for the ER team to figure out what was going on…It turned out I had a hairline fracture that gave way and my spine collapsed and was crushing my sciatic nerve. When I woke up I was fitted for a custom orthotic AFO brace, right foot. I tried everything to try and get functioning back; reflexology, Rieki, pilates, etc. After learning how to walk with the prescribed AFO brace, I hated it, so I didn't wear it. I would fall and sprain my ankle repeatedly. It was terrible, but so was a thick plastic AFO that fit inside a shoe a full size bigger than I needed! It wasn't until after suffering 6 years of falling and terrible pain from severe sprains that I finally blew out the right ankle from not wearing the AFO. A Dr at Rush fixed it surgically about 1.7 years ago. The drop foot remains, however, the Elevate Brace has given me freedom, peace of mind and confidence. For anyone who has drop foot, trust me, this is the brace you want!


Universal Sizing!

FootMind’s cutting edge solution to drop foot

Unique in its versatility, comfort, stability and ease of use

Elevate™ eliminates the intruder in your shoe

Convenient with the majority of shoe styles, including sandals

BOA™ Technology allows for customization of the lift angle, a quick tension release

Elevate™ has a sleek yet stylish look and feel that secures a new standard

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