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FLO-TECH-TOR™ Trans Femoral w/ belt included
FLO-TECH™ Adjustable Postoperative Protective and Preparatory System
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FLO-TECH-TOR™ is used as a protective socket and for early supervised weight bearing prosthetic management of transtibial amputations. Maximum protection against injury, right from the start. With the FLO-TECH-TOR™ portion of the Adjustable Postoperative Protective and Preparatory System™, you don't have to send your patients home in a heavy, awkward, uncomfortable and uncompromising fiberglass or plaster cast.
The FLO-TECH-TOR™ not only enhances healing, it enables the rehabilitation process to begin. And it ensures peace of mind against possible wound deprivation brought about by a potentially damaging stumble, fall or scrape. Complete and diligent care of the wound site The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is light, easy to remove and reapply, giving patients maximum protection against possible re-injury, while providing easy access to the amputation site for attentive wound care. If elastic wrap or shrinkers are needed to add compression and reduce swelling, the FLO-TECH-TOR™unique patented anatomic bivalved socket can be easily enlarged or reduced and the bands adjusted appropriately for correct fit and continue future monitoring of bandages.
FLO-TECH-TOR™ provides:
 • Protection from injury during the early stages of rehabilitation Patients are sent home as soon as possible following an amputation. Many times patients either forget they have an amputation or are caught off guard while stumbling, causing the patient to land dangerously on the sutured or stapled wound. Even with heavy bandages these patients experience wound deprivation. These types of incidents are minimized through regular use of a FLO-TECH-TOR™.
• Easy access to bandages and dressings for attentive wound care Sending patients home in a fiberglass or plaster cast makes wound care impossible, and leaves the patient in a heavy awkward and uncomfortable device. The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is light and easy to remove and reapply, to allow the patient (or their attending aid) to give diligent care to the amputation site.
• Controlled early weight bearing when the time is right Controlled weight bearing can begin right away because the flat bottom of the FLO-TECH-TOR™ provides increased stability. The patient, supervised by a physical therapist, can be gradually introduced to weight bearing using a bathroom scale on a chair 24 to 72 hours post amputation. Controlled ambulation, under the supervision of a physical therapist, can begin right away as well, when used with the UFOS™.
 • Control of swelling and edema There will come a time when the physician wants some compression on the amputation. The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is ideal for this application and is removable to allow continued monitoring of elastic or non-elastic bandages and shrinker socks. • Maintenance of knee flexion and extension alignment Maintenance of good alignment of the knee is crucial to a successful rehabilitation program. The FLO-TECH-TOR™ is specifically designed to resist knee flexion contracture. (Transtibial only)

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