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Foot & Ankle Braces: AFO Brace, Walking Boot, Night Splint & More

When it comes to nursing and rehabilitating a foot or ankle injury, trust MMAR Medical to have a complete selection of ankle braces to fit your needs. We are one of the premiere medical device suppliers in the nation, and we’re confident that – when shopping with us - you’ll find the best foot brace to support you in your recovery. For your convenience, we have compiled and separated our lower extremity braces into user-friendly subcategories to easily find the right AFO brace, walking boot or night splint for your injury. Our general ankle braces subcategory is further divided into specific types of ankle braces, including the ankle wrap, hinged ankle brace, stirrup ankle brace and lace-up ankle brace.

All of the brands we carry, such as M&M, Neuroflex, RCAI, Trulife, The Richie Brace, M-Brace, Ossur, Swede-O, Orthotic Rehab, DeRoyal, OCS, Darco and Thermoskin, are time-tested and will reinforce you fully during your athletic activities and rehabilitation process. Make sure you’re taking the right steps in using the best supporting device for your specific injury and particular needs. For any questions or concerns regarding this, feel free to call one of our ankle specialists at 1-800-662-7633 to get the answers and the brace you need!