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Football Pads

Football players understand the inherent risk associated with playing the sport they love but it doesnít mean they canít take advantage of all the protection available. MMAR Medical has stocked state-of-the-art Douglas football pads designed specifically to provide the highest level of personal protection possible.

Douglas adult football shoulder pads are proudly made in America and produced for players in specific positions. Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and defensive backs, for example, need protection while maintaining sufficient mobility and unrestricted arm motion. Linebackers and fullbacks, on the other hand, need a bit more protection for taking and receiving powerful hits, yet need to maintain unrestricted side-to-side head movement. Other important pieces of football protective equipment include wrist wraps, football girdles, back plates, helmet stabilization/neck protectors and more. Contact a helpful MMAR Medical football protection and pad specialist with questions on sizing and orders.