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Hip Brace | Hip Abductor Brace

Patients that were in serious car or falling accidents that resulted in hip damage may need a hip support brace. The hips are one of the bodies main hinge points, allowing you to twist and control leg movement. If you suffer from hip adduction contracture, the pelvis tilts at an extreme angle, walking and sitting may become difficult. A strong hip brace helps your body stay aligned with level hips.

If you are rehabilitating a serious leg/hip injury you may require a hip knee orthosis brace. Soft bands wrap around the thighs, providing support and alignment for the hips relative to the knees. All braces have padding for comfort, along with internal metal construction, to keep the body supported and aligned. To limit further injuries, it is critical to keep the hips in a healthy position relative to the legs. Contact MMAR Medical’s service team toll-free for all your hip contracture management needs and questions.