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Lace-Up Ankle Braces

Lace-up ankle braces are used to stabilize the ankle to prevent or reduce the severity of potential injuries to that vulnerable part of the lower leg. Using laces similar to those of a traditional shoe, they can be tightened and secured to provide firm support for any size ankle.

Lace-up ankle braces are fast becoming one of the most popular types of sports bracing available. They have an advantage of many other types of braces due to their limited profile. Lace-up braces are typically very compact because they do not have bulky securing components. This allows them to fit easily inside standard-sized shoes and under clothing. The discreet profile allows the brace to be worn in virtually any athletic situation.

At MMAR Medical, you can find top quality lace-up ankle braces from leading brands like DonJoy. Ankle braces from DonJoy include the Velocity and Stabilizing Ankle Brace. You can also find Swede-O Ankle Braces, like the most-popular Ankle Lok.