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Lumbar Back Support Braces

If you’ve suffered a back sprain or strain, or if constant back pain is a problem, a lumbar back support brace can help. A lumbar back brace is designed to provide support to the lumbar spine, which aids the healing process.

It’s important to seek proper medical attention and acquire appropriate medical equipment to fully recover from a back injury. If your physician has recommended that you wear a lumbar support brace, MMAR Medical can help you find the brace that’s best for you.

Types of Lumbar Support Braces

Because there are so many types of back braces on the market, finding the right one can be confusing. Support back braces, in general, will evenly distribute weight and pressure across the back and stabilize the spine. These types of braces can either be very basic to help with a broad range of problems, or highly specified for specific issues.

Rigid Lumbar Support Braces

Rigid lumbar braces are made of form-fitting plastic that wraps around the waist and are meant to restrict the motion of the spine by as much as 50%. Doctors will prescribe this type of brace for individuals with serious injuries where movement can impede recovery. These should be worn while standing but can be removed while lying down.

Corset Lumbar Support Braces

Corset lumbar back braces are usually made of elastic and are far more flexible than rigid braces. Corset lumbar braces restrict spine movement by limiting a person’s ability to bend at the waist. The width of corset lumbar braces varies depending on a patient’s needs. Shorter braces are often used to treat the lower back while higher ones are used for problems in the middle back.

TLSO Back Support Braces

Thoracolumbar Sacral Orthosis braces, or TLSO braces, are typically rigid braces that are used for more serious injuries such as a fractured spine or spine fusion surgery. One of the key purposes of a TLSO lumbar back brace is the keep the spine straight. Oftentimes this is achieved by over the shoulder straps or a hinged sternum pad that rests against the chest.

At MMAR Medical we carry a wide variety of lumbar support back braces from the best manufacturers in the country. We offer competitive prices on top quality brands like Ossur, MEDI USA and our Aspen back brace products.