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MEDI USA Spinomed IV Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis

MEDI USA Spinomed IV Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis
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Lumbar Support Back Brace

A healthy spine is so important for general bodily health. If you’re having spine problems, you’ll want to address them efficiently and effectively. That’s why this MEDI USA Spinomed IV Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis Brace is just what you need to treat osteoporosis that has caused an increased curvature of the thoracic spine region. With this TLSO back brace, you’ll get contact with a large portion of your spine, allowing the pressure to be distributed over a large area.

Adjustable strapping in the hip area of this lower-back support brace stabilizes the lumbar spine, while the shoulders are held back by the tension of the straps. This results in strengthening of the extensor muscles of the back and extension of the chest muscles, opening up your posture and providing a strong core. You’ll also appreciate this osteoporosis brace for the optional back and abdominal plate insert set that can be added to it. This addition will increase abdominal support as well as limit rotation to improve overall posture.

More About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is one of the 10 most common diseases in the United States and causes bone loss in its victims. The disease affects one in four Americans over the age of 50 and is characterized by brittle bones, decreasing height and bent posture. This metabolic disease destroys more bone mass than is replaced by the body, and causes bones to become porous and weak and to lose substance, often progressing unnoticed. It is estimated that half of Americans over the age of 50 will be at risk for developing bone loss by 2020. This will increase the occurrence of bone fractures, such as vertebral fractures.

Vertebral Compression Fractures

  • In the United States, over 700,000 fractures occur each year.
  • Those who’ve suffered from one fracture have a five times greater chance of suffering from another one.
  • Those who’ve suffered from two fractures have a 12 times greater chance of suffering from another one.
  • Vertebral fractures reduce lung capacity by 9 percent and can result in immobility and disability.

The Remedy

Spinomed’s series of braces - when combined with a comprehensive treatment program for those suffering from osteoporosis - have been found to result in a significant improvement.

Clinical Results

Published, evidence-based studies have proven Spinomed braces do the following:

  • Strengthen back extensors by 73% - Strengthen abdominal flexors by 58%
  • Reduce daily pain by 38%
  • Reduce body sway by 25%
  • Reduce angle of kyphosis by 11%
  • Increase vital capacity by 7%
Suggested billing code is L0456

  • Indications:
Juvenile Scheuermann's disease
Dowager’s hump
Osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
Hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain

  • Spinomed Research
  • • Strengthened back extensor muscles by 73%.
  • • Strengthened abdominal muscles by 58%.
  • • Reduced the angle of kyphosis by 11%.
  • • Reduced body sway by 25%.
  • • Decreased pain by 38%.

  • Mode of action:
  • • Initial stabilization of the spine after osteoporotic bone collapse
  • • Activation of the back muscles strengthens the spine and reduces hyperkyphosis
  • • Reduces the patient's pain and promotes activity

  • Custom fit garment contains all panels
  • Optional posterior and anterior panels are removable as the patient improves
  • Anti-migration straps and silicone beads keep brace in position
  • No restriction of shoulder and arm movements
  • No restriction of thoracic and abdominal breathing
  • Spinomed® IV can be put on as easily as a jacket or backpack

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