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Ottobock Knee Braces

When it comes to orthopedic knee braces, you face countless options from the simple, generic elastic slip-on type sold at most drugstores to custom-made, orthopedist-prescribed braces made specifically for one single patient. Here at MMAR, we carry a complete line of Ottobock knee brace models including the economical Genu three-panel Immobil Brace, which provides full immobilization of the knee and comes in 16-, 20-, 24- and 28-inch sizes.

Whether you're in need of a sports knee brace, a compression brace, a hinged, pull-on knee brace or a post-operative, telescoping unit, you can find just what you need in this category. You also have access to a simple Ottobock splint and to the X-Pro Carbon Composite low-profile knee brace, which is the lightest (13.9 ounces) knee brace on the market. Its rigid shell provides maximum protection during even the most extreme sports activities.