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Patella Stabilizer Knee Braces

Patellofemoral knee braces are the perfect solution for weak or previously injured knees. The purpose of a patella knee brace is to stabilize the patella and maintain mobility. These knee braces provide compression around the area of the patella (the knee cap), thus controlling swelling and maintaining joint flexibility. The reduction in swelling is also effective in reducing pain.

These braces are also useful for knees which are prone to sprains or strains. The brace provides exo-skeletal support to the region and works to minimize over-rotation and hyperextension of the joint. MMAR Medical provides advanced patella knee braces using compressive material like neoprene from leading brands, including Ossur, Breg, and New Options. If you are looking for a knee brace, you have come to the right place. Buy the brace that is right for you!