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Elderly Falls Information | Ways to Prevent Falls in Nursing Homes

Every year about one-third of adults of age 65 or older experience a fall. Among those who fall, roughly 20 to 30 percent suffer moderate to severe injuries that make it hard for them to get around or live independently, and increase their risk of early death. How can you avoid this? Pretty simple, mitigate the risk of falling or having a senior citizen fall by educating yourself with our elderly falls information and prevention articles.

Our goal at MMAR Medical is to share patient falls management information, assist with education, and offer only the best products in the industry to help people prevent falls, prevent fractures if a fall occurs, and offer a diversified solution of quality products that will help improve the life of the person in recovery. To learn more ways to prevent falls in nursing homes or any other type of facility please contact us directly at 800-662-7633 and one of our health representatives will be happy to assist.