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Custom Orthotic Inserts

When it comes to insoles for heel pain, sole pain and other joint pain, we here at MMAR Medical understand that even the best shoe inserts can’t fit everyone’s unique foot shape. That’s why with our selection of orthotic inserts, you’ll be able to buy prefab orthotics equipment that is curated to match your foot’s particular shape. Whether you’re suffering from heel pain, sole pain or overall joint pain, there’s no question that the best results come from a product that is made specifically for you.

Our selection of products includes quality custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis, such as Bauerfeind ViscoPed insoles and ViscoSpot Heel cushions that are made to battle specific problem areas. Not only do we offer the insoles themselves, but we also carry foam art technology to measure the negative impression of your very own foot. With a selection made specifically for you, you can tackle your joint problems by simply altering the shoes you wear everyday.