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Diabetic Shoe Inserts

With the selection of plantar fasciitis insoles available here at MMAR Medical, you can say goodbye to that lingering pain in the soles of your feet. These insoles are uniquely designed to reduce pressure points that cause pain in not only your feet but also your joints and back. By redistributing the pressure loads, the anatomical design will reduce the impact loads on the major joints of your body as well as provide a cushioned bottom to increase your overall walking comfort.

With these extremely comfy insoles for heel pain, you don’t have to worry about buying specific shoes categorized as orthotics for plantar fasciitis - you now have the freedom to turn any of your favorite shoes into a pair that will make a more active lifestyle that much easier. Easily insertable into most shoes, these inserts are an efficient way to battle things like foot pad atrophy, forefoot and toe deformities, and arthralgia with each step that you take. MMAR Medical has been in the business for over three decades, so you can be sure we offer only the best products available on the market today. Order your new insoles now!