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Back Braces: Lumbar braces, TLSO braces, Cervical Braces, Spinal Braces & more...

As one of the premiere medical device suppliers in the nation, MMAR Medical is proud to feature top-of-the-line back braces for back, spinal and neck support. MMARs spinal braces can be used to control back pain, stabilize weak or injured areas of the back, and in some cases correct or limit the progression of spinal deformity. Our Lumbar Brace section features a number of braces ideal for supporting the lower portion of the spine, to aid in injury recovery or relieve overburdened backs. Our TLSO brace section features Boston or underarm braces used to treat scoliosis and spinal curvatures. MMAR also specializes in cervical braces and collars, frequently used for neck rehabilitation and recovery.

MMAR Medical is proud to feature only the highest quality back brands including

  • Optec,
  • DeRoyal,
  • M-Brace,
  • Ossur,
  • Aspen,
  • Fla Orthopedic,
  • Themoskin,
  • X-Back,
  • Cybertech,
  • Activday
  • and Breg.

Whatever your orthopedic spinal brace needs, MMAR Medical has the proper medical device and expertise to make sure your get the best quality gear for your particular needs. Please call one of our back brace specialists at 1-800-662-7633 if you have any questions.