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Stepwell Custom AFO PDAC Information

Introducing the Stepwell Custom AFO (STEP001) from Walkwell International Laboratories, a fully reviewed and coded device by Noridian Administrative Services, the Medicare Pricing, Data and Analysis Center (PDAC) contrac-tor.

The Stepwell Custom AFO addresses many of your patients’ needs to maintain their functional requirements for occupational, recreational, or activities of daily living. Collaboratively working with your staff and patients leads to increased practice ancillaries and better patient outcomes by understanding your treatment goals prior to fabrica-tion. We are available by phone, fax or email for physician to physician consultation, or review with our certified pedorthic professionals.

he Stepwell Custom AFO is a PDAC (Medicare Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding) reviewed and coded device by Noridian Administrative Services as a Medicare contractor. Coding verification can be found on the PDAC website at .

Medicare reviewed HCPCS codes for the Stepwell Custom AFO:
  • L1940 - Ankle Foot Orthosis, plastic or other material, custom-fabricated
  • L2330 - Addition to lower extremity, lacer molded to patient model, for custom fabricated orthosis only
  • L2340 - Addition to lower extremity, pre-tibial shell, molded to patient model
  • L2820 - Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft interface for molded plastic, below the knee section

Medicare, and most insurance companies, covers the Stepwell Custom AFO, which by the Ingenix HCPCS linkage code reference publication, totals more than 300 diagnosis codes.

Walkwell is also willing to assist in billing questions by reviewing claims, as well as chart reviews, as part of our comprehensive compliance program for our clients.

The Stepwell Custom AFO ancillary revenues range from approximately $1400-$2200 per device by the published Medicare fee schedules.

 Product L1940L2330
Total Medicare- California
 Stepwell Custom AFO
 504.02 97.93 $1602.47
 Arizona Standard AFO 557.71 442.81  97.93 $1098.45
 Acor AFO/Gauntlet (ABS-1000)  557.71 442.81   97.93 $1098.45
 Orthomerica Leather Ankle
Gauntlet (AF1400 or S1400)
  557.71 442.81   97.93 $1098.45
 Pine Tree Orthopedic Andro AFO  557.71 442.81   97.93 $1098.45
 Tidwell Amber AFO*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED
 American Orthopedics AFO
 Langer TCO Classic*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED
 Mile High Brace*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED
 Buffalo Brace*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED
 Levy + Rappel Custom Leather
 Richie Brace*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED
 Moore Balance Brace*     *NOT PDAC REVIEWED