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New Options T1 Neoprene Thigh Support
New Options T1 Neoprene Thigh Support
Our Price: $25.00

The New Options T1 Neoprene Thigh Support is made from durable neoprene and adds just the right amount of extra support and padding.
Breg Thigh Support
Breg Thigh Support
Our Price: $26.99

BREG’s Thigh Support offers warmth, compression and support for hamstring, quadriceps or groin injuries.
Hely Weber Calf Sleeve
Hely Weber Calf Sleeve
Our Price: $27.13

Hely Weber Calf Sleeve provides relief for calf sprains and shin splints.
Hely Weber Thigh Sleeve
Hely Weber Thigh Sleeve
Our Price: $28.69

Hely Weber Thigh Sleeve provides warmth and compression for hamstring and quadricep sprains.
ActiveColor® Thigh Support | overload prophylaxis | strains | sprains | stress irritations | A9270 |
ActiveColor® Thigh Support
Our Price: $32.99

The Bort ActiveColor Thigh Support was designed with compressively knitted material and is anatomically flat and can be worn beneath clothing as an active thigh support. This support helps to stabilize and provide relief from strains, sprains and stress irritations

Bio Skin’s® Thigh Skins™
Bio Skin® Thigh Skin™ Sleeve
Our Price: $39.95

Bio Skin’s® Thigh Skins™ give excellent compression to ease the pain in injured quads or hamstrings. The thin, breathable material allows perspiration to evaporate to keep you cool.
Hely Weber Neoprene Groin Wrap
Hely Weber Neoprene Groin Wrap
Our Price: $40.87

Hely Weber Neoprene Groin Wrap provides relief & assists in the management of strains.
New Options Groin Hamstring Stabilizer
New Options Groin Hamstring Stabilizer
Our Price: $75.00

The JPL Total Supports are a series of innovative products designed to help stabilize the groin and hamstring.
M-Brace no 80 Thigh Wrap
M-Brace Thigh Wrap #80
Our Price: $88.00

M-Brace's 80 Thigh Wrap is ideal for people with sports related injuries, muscle strains or tears.
BORT Stabilo® Thigh Support | Muscular injuries to the thigh | (rupture of muscle fibre, muscle contusions) | treatment and prevention of sports injuries | to prevent recurring injuries |
BORT Stabilo® Thigh Support
Our Price: $97.99

The BORT Stabilo® Thigh Support is an active sleeve designed to help prevent injuries from recurring. The circular straps allow you to adjust the sleeve applying compression to fit each individuals needs.


Thigh Brace, Thigh Sleeves & Thigh Compression Wraps

New Options, Bio Skin, CEP and Breg have durable thigh sleeves to protect your hamstrings, quadriceps and groin from further damage. If you pulled or tore a muscle, it is difficult to immobilize the area. A thigh brace covering most of your thigh compresses the muscles to ease the pain and encourage healing. Use a wrap for hamstring support if you had a severe sporting injury, such as from track and field sessions.

You can even use a thigh wrap while lightly exercising. Some thigh brace models wick moisture away and even allow for evaporation to keep your skin healthy and comfortable under the thigh compression wrap. For even more thigh support, look for a groin hamstring stabilizer. Along with the thigh wrap, you also have a wide waist strap to control your movements at the hip level.