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Everything You Need to Know About Cold Therapy Systems

What is Cold Therapy?

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is a highly effective method of pain management and is especially useful after an orthopedic trauma such as a serious sport’s injury, during physical therapy and post surgery, including arthroscopic, reconstructive and plastic surgeries. When used correctly cold therapy decreases fluid buildup, reduces swelling and limits muscle spasms. It also slows the release of chemicals that cause both pain and inflammation. The end result is a faster, less painful recovery.

What Are Cold Therapy Systems?

Cold therapy systems are most frequently used following orthopedic surgery and are an effective way to administer cold therapy. The system is similar to an ice chest in appearance. It utilizes tubes and pads to circulate cold water that chill the affected body part. These devices are typically recommended by surgeons and physical therapists to their patients, who then use these systems in the privacy of their homes. When administering cold therapy at home it is very important you do it correctly as using a cold therapy system incorrectly can lead to serious injuries.

Most if not all cold therapy injuries revolve around leaving the system on for extended periods of time, thus resulting in a frost-bite like condition which can cause permanent nerve damage and skin issues. If you are using a cold therapy system, carefully follow your physician’s instructions… when in doubt, limit the duration of use to ten minutes at a time. Many cold therapy systems do not feature a built-in “kill switch” that shuts the system down after a certain amount of time. If you are concerned about leaving the treatment on too long, consider the Breg’s 300 or Polar Care Kodiak systems. These top-of-the-line cold therapy systems feature built in timers to ensure you are never exposed to cold for too long and they also come with a variety of pads for the knee, ankle/foot, back and shoulder (more brand/system recommendations below).

If you receive a cold therapy system, it is vital that your doctor discuss proper use of the device, including cold therapy time intervals. If you develop any unusual symptoms following cold therapy, be sure to contact your physician immediately.

Now that you might be thinking about purchasing your own cold therapy system you’ll need to figure out the right system for you. Keep reading to learn what you should consider before your buy and our favorite cold therapy system brands.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cold Therapy System

There are a number of cold therapy systems currently available on the market. The following is a quick checklist to help you identify the cold therapy system that will work best for you.

  • Is the system comfortable? If you will be wearing the device for long periods of time, comfort will matter. Look for a cold therapy pump system that is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable area coverage and allows custom-tailored temperature control. If you are allergic to latex, seek out systems that use Latex-free pads.
  • Is the system easy to clean? Moisture breeds bacteria so it is important to choose a system that is easy to clean. This is critical if you are rehabilitating after surgery as incisions are especially vulnerable to bacterial infection.
  • Does the system need to be portable? Will you be using it exclusively at home, or will you be traveling with it to a rehab clinic or another away location? If you plan on taking the cold therapy system with you on the road at any time, look for a system that is both compact and lightweight. A smaller system will also make storage easier. If you plan on using the system in locations that do not have electricity outlets, choose a system that offers a manual pump option.
  • How important is convenience to you? If you are looking for convenience, seek out a system that is easy to use and quiet. Higher quality products and medical device sites will also feature helpful instructional videos.
  • Is the system dependable? Look for a respected name brand cold therapy manufacturer such as Breg, Ossur or Vitalwear. These systems offer superior filtration systems and motors, backed by reliable warranties. The result is a high quality system that reliably delivers consistent temperature.

Popular Cold Therapy System Brands


For more than 30 years, Bledsoe has offered innovative rehabilitation products that treat a wide variety of injuries or conditions. Whether you are looking for the Bledsoe Cold Control or the Bledsoe bMini Therapy System, you will find relief and healing with their products. Both systems are designed for usage immediately after an injury or surgery.


DeRoyal is another popular and reliable cold therapy system brand. They have been manufacturing healthcare products worldwide for years, specializing in surgical and acute care products, such as cold therapy products. Two of their most popular products are the DeRoyal Cold Therapy Unit and the DeRoyal Hot/Cold Therapy Unit. Both are designed to help with soft tissue swelling as a result of surgery.


ThermaZone manufacturer’s heat and cold therapy products that help patients rehabilitate injuries and decrease acute pain. ThermaZone has long understood that cold therapy pads designed for a specific part of the body increases the effectiveness and comfort during treatment. Easily change between heat and cold therapy with pads intended for the head, eye, neck, wrist, knee, shoulder, ankle and lower back. Drop the ice and invest in comfortable neoprene high-efficiency ThermaZone heat and cold therapy products.


Another reliable and trusted cold therapy manufacturer is Breg. They have been providing solutions in the cold therapy world since 1991. Their signature product, Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System, is easy to use and reliable. They are designed to reduce swelling, pain, and put the cold where it is needed the most.

Other Cold Therapy System Brands

Other popular and effective cold therapy system brands include:
Aqua Relief

Regardless of the brand you choose, when looking for the best cold therapy for your healing, take time to do your research. There are plenty of products out there that are designed to provide you relief. Look for testimonials and ask professionals for recommendations so you are sure to find the best one for your unique needs.

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Note: This information is not intended to supplement or replace advice from a medical professional, or to diagnose or treat any condition.

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