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Annulus Tear or Sprain Dressing with a Back Brace Herniated Disc
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Sciatica Showering with a Back Brace Spondylolysis & Spondylolisthesis
Sternoclavicular Joint Tailbone Injury What Back Brace Should I Use for Lower Back Pain?

Back Issues & Spine Problems

Because there are so many causes of spine and back pain, back injuries and chronic spinal conditions are some of the most common ailments we treat at MMAR Medical. Our enormous variety of back and torso braces can help you on your way to a speedy and comfortable recovery, but we’re proud to also provide a comprehensive library of resources on back injury, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment to help you and your medical professional better understand the inner workings of your spine.

Your torso and spine support your entire body, so it’s of vital importance that your vertebrae and back muscles stay healthy. Learn about common back injuries as well as the practical issues of living with a back brace through our articles above, all written by medical professionals to educate the consumer and those in the sports medicine field.

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