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Gait Trainer for Children & Posterior Walkers

Children and young adults have special needs when it comes to rehabilitation products. Because of their smaller size, a standard glider walker does not fit their body and can be dangerous to their recuperation. Drive Medical strives to design and manufacture the best pediatric walker models in the industry. They even create a posterior walker line that encourages a straight posture for those suffering from chronic diseases, including Cerebral Palsy. Look for platform attachments on some child walker models. These platforms encourage good posture with support as they walk across the room. A strong gait trainer for children is critical to encourage muscle development, bone growth and overall satisfaction with life.

Drive Medical also understands that children need safe baths, but disabilities may make that difficult to accomplish. Take a look at the offered bath chairs for a supportive, but practical, way to bath your child. Feeling clean is just one way to encourage a healthy lifestyle while in rehabilitation.