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Children’s Insoles

Gait problems in childhood can lead to spinal issues or the exacerbation of an existing abnormality in adulthood. High-quality pediatric orthotic shoe inserts can help make your child more comfortable during sports or everyday movement, protecting their growing feet from sprains or other problems that can be caused by an unstable gait. Kids in school tend to choose their shoes based on looks and popularity rather than practicality, and shoe inserts for kids can go a long way toward turning a fashionable pair of shoes into a safe pair as well.

MMAR Medical carries kids’ insoles from the most trusted brands in the industry, including Aetrex and KiddyThotics. Choose from several varieties designed to address a range of gait issues and foot shapes. Our wholesale pricing makes it easy to replace your child’s insoles as they grow into a new size. Order today to protect your kids’ feet from injury!