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CircAid by Medi

Medi’s CircAid line offers compression therapy solutions for those suffering from post-thrombotic syndrome, varicose veins and other venous disorders, lymphedema and common pressure pains. Medi compression includes garments designed for the feet, legs and arms in discreet, neutral colors for your comfort and peace of mind. The line also includes several garments to be worn under the compression items themselves in order to prevent chafing.

Created by an engineer whose wife suffered from lymphedema symptoms, CircAid compression garments are designed to mimic the inelastic skin of the giraffe. Because giraffes’ lower legs are covered in non-stretchy skin, they do not suffer the same pains and disorders as humans despite experiencing venous pressures at a magnitude of three times the normal human amount. Try a CircAid compression wrap today and experience the difference an expertly designed product makes. Order now!