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  • Hockey Insoles

    Hockey Sport Insoles

    The ice in a hockey rink changes the way hockey players’ feet move inside their skates. While field athletes can rely on a certain amount of stability from the ground, the lack of friction in the rink can make skating a little less predictable and a little more unstable, especially for less experienced athletes. Insoles for hockey players are designed to keep the foot positioned properly inside the skate and provide support for the arches to prevent over-pronation and other common foot strains.

    MMAR Medical carries several styles of hockey performance insoles, designed to do everything from controlling the motion of the foot to relieving pressure on the most sensitive areas. Hockey skate insoles should be comfortable and reliable, and we trust the prothotic design of these insoles to keep the feet safe, even at such an affordable price. Order yours today and skate with confidence!

  • Hockey Performance Sport Bracing

    Hockey Athletic Bracing

    Even for the most careful player, hockey can be a rough sport. Collisions are common whether intentional or not, and traveling across a virtually frictionless surface can cause greater instability than an athlete can expect from harder ground. With the right brace for hockey, the athlete can prevent an injury or help stabilize an existing physical condition for improved safety and performance on the ice, which in turn makes for a more confident hockey player.

    MMAR Medical carries a professional selection of support braces and orthopedic sleeves for hockey players of all ages, with each product aimed at preventing or treating ailments that are common to the sport. Whether you’re a parent of a young hockey player, an athlete yourself or an athletic trainer looking to keep your team in tip-top shape, our selection of hockey performance support braces has been curated to maximize your game and your comfort on the ice.

Hockey Gear: Hockey Knee Brace, Thigh Braces & Ice Skate Insoles

Hockey is a full-contact sport, requiring many accessories to keep your body safe. Our hockey gear keeps you playing each week, from a supportive thigh brace to protective cups. Try a hockey knee brace to keep your joint supported during game time. Hockey braces allow you to keep playing without excruciating pain compromising your concentration. Wrist braces keep your tendons and bones in a comfortable position as you maneuver around your opponent.

Wear ice skate insoles to support your arches. Hockey forces you to shift your weight through a game, causing severe stress to your feet as they balance on the skate blades. Insoles keep your feet feeling comfortable for hours of practice and competition. Try compression gear to keep your muscles warm for a successful game. Cover your elbows and calves for pain-free playing, or wear compression shorts for full- coverage support.