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Hockey Insoles

Hockey Gear: Hockey Knee Brace, Thigh Braces & Ice Skate Insoles

Hockey is a full-contact sport, requiring many accessories to keep your body safe. Our hockey gear keeps you playing each week, from a supportive thigh brace to protective cups. Try a hockey knee brace to keep your joint supported during game time. Hockey braces allow you to keep playing without excruciating pain compromising your concentration. Wrist braces keep your tendons and bones in a comfortable position as you maneuver around your opponent.

Wear ice skate insoles to support your arches. Hockey forces you to shift your weight through a game, causing severe stress to your feet as they balance on the skate blades. Insoles keep your feet feeling comfortable for hours of practice and competition. Try compression gear to keep your muscles warm for a successful game. Cover your elbows and calves for pain-free playing, or wear compression shorts for full- coverage support.