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Heat & Cold Therapy Products

Depending on the specific type of injury, inflammation or discomfort, ice wraps and heat pads can be crucial for almost any recovery process. Temperature therapy has been proven to decrease pain and speed recovery in muscles and joints—we’ll even help you decide whether hot or cold therapy is right for your ailment.

After a long game, a race or any activity that overworks your muscles, using heating pads or physical therapy ice packs on your sore spots can relieve pain and reduce swelling. At MMAR Medical, we take special care to offer leak-free ice packs and hot pads and heat wraps that will stay in place when fitted properly, so you can relax and start feeling better right away. Our selection includes pieces specifically designed for the parts of the body that tend to suffer the most discomfort in athletes and non-athletes alike. Choose the product that fits your needs and enjoy our price match guarantee!