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Insoles for Overpronation (Flat Feet)

Unlike supination, a condition where your weight is shifted to the outside of your foot, overpronation is a condition where you shift your weight toward the inside of your foot causing the arch of the foot to collapse downward. This condition is also commonly called “flat feet.” Overpronation puts individuals at a greater risk of suffering a range of foot, ankle and knee injuries. It’s especially common in athletes who run. Essentially, the shift of your weight toward the inside of your foot throws your gait out of alignment and causes stress on your other leg joints and muscles to compensate. Luckily, overpronation, or flat feet, can be treated by having appropriate footwear and utilizing inserts for overpronation. Overpronation orthotics will help provide adequate support to your arch and force you to evenly distribute your weight in your stride. Shop our selection of insoles for overpronation below.