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Insoles for Supination (Underpronation)

Supination is a mechanical abnormality where a person’s weight is shifted or rolled toward the outer edges of the foot. This can also be called underpronation. Under normal conditions, the human foot is designed to slightly roll inward when you walk (called pronation), distributing the weight of your foot to the balls of your feet. Supination forces you to push off the outer side of the foot and outside toes to propel yourself forward. Supination can throw your alignment off, causing pain in the foot, knee, ankle, hip and even your back. This undue stress can lead to injury and other types of chronic foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis. Luckily, supination can be remedied by adorning the proper footwear and orthotic inserts for supination. Our medical insoles for supination will help align your foot with your stride and allow you to shift your weight more toward the balls of your feet, reducing stress on the rest of your legs, hips and your back. Shop our supination inserts below.