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Fashionable Print Compression Sleeves for Lymphedema

If you’re suffering from lymphedema, you have probably experienced frustration, not only over the physical pain but also over the need to wear a sleeve. Now, you can add some style to that sleeve with MMAR Medical’s selection of LympheDIVAs compression sleeves. Here at MMAR Medical, we offer a wide range of decorative compression bandages that can be used to increase lymph fluid circulation and lessen the effects of lymphedema. With everything from gauntlets to sleeves, we have something to suit everyone.

Our lymphedema arm sleeves and gloves are designed specifically for lymphedema and provide gradient pressure, not only to aid the flow but also to control its direction. With a wide variety of lymphedema sleeves with patterns, designs and colors to choose from, you can add your own personal flair to your lymphedema treatment. Who ever said that lymphedema treatment couldn’t also be a fashion statement?