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Post-Operative Knee Braces from MMAR Medical

MMAR Medical offers one of the most comprehensive collections of post-operative medical knee braces currently available online. We exclusively feature top brands that represent only the highest quality post-operative knee braces. Among the manufacturers we feature include Breg, New Option Sports, Ossur, Orthotic Rehab, Donjoy, Hely Weber, Deroyal, Neuroflex, Comfy, Thermoskin and RCAI.

Post-surgical knee braces are typically hinged for precision fitting as well as limiting range of motion, and are most commonly used for rehabilitation following ligament injuries including the ACL, MCL, PCL and LCL, dislocation of the patella or knee cap, cartilage injuries, condylar fractures, tibaial plateau fractures, and high tibial osteotomy. Knee surgery and subsequent recovery can be a difficult and painful process. These post-op knee braces are specially designed to minimize pain, improve recovery, and prevent further injury.

It is important to select a brace specific to your knee injury and surgical procedure. In many cases, rehabilitation can occur quickly post operation, and thus the brace should provide the required support to enable mobility while also strengthening the knee. This means being able to have a stabilized range of motion. In some instances, the knee will need to be immobilized entirely. A quality post-op knee brace will also allow the patient to adjust compression and range of flexibility through the use of rigid hinges and straps. If cold therapy will be part of the rehabilitation program, be sure to select a brace that can easily accommodate cold therapy wraps.