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    Prosthetic Leg Socks

    Prosthetic leg socks serve two primary purposes: to protect the patient’s skin from cuts or abrasions from pressure or friction, and to ensure any perspiration is being absorbed, preventing slippage between the prosthetic and the leg. In most cases, a wool prosthetic sock works to “wick” away moisture. You can also find prosthetic socks that offer antibacterial properties as well. No matter your needs, MMAR Medical offers a wide range of prosthetic leg socks from top brands, including Comfort, Silipos, Swiftwick, Knit-Rite and more. Shop prosthetic leg socks with us at wholesale prices below!

Prosthetic Leg Supplies

After an amputation, especially early on, comfort and proper healing are paramount. We know our customers (and prescribing doctors) prefer prosthetic leg covers that provide adequate compression and a pleasant texture as well as discretion for the wearer. Low-quality amputee leg covers tend to bunch up or roll down as the wearer moves, causing discomfort and inconvenience. At MMAR Medical, we strive to carry only the most trusted products from the industry’s top brands, proven to stay in place and made from the best quality materials available. We keep our prices as low as possible to make these top-notch supplies affordable for all.

Shop our leg amputee supplies today and be on your way to a more comfortable, durable prosthetic solution. Feel free to contact us with any questions about your order!